The Most Awkward Mother-Daughter Afternoon

Even to this day as a grown adult I find watching love scenes in movies to be, well….awkward.  I would prefer if I didn’t have to be subjected to sex scenes at all.  Even a long kiss makes me squirm.  So imagine you as a thirteen year-old and your mom going to see a movie together as a nice day out, and then imagine that movie being nothing but sex scenes. 

My mom had heard about the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” from watching Oprah.  She thought innocently that it would be ok to watch with me; because why would Oprah recommend a movie that you wouldn’t want your kid to see?  We went to see the matinee showing.  Everything appeared normal at first.  My mom bought the tickets, we got our movie treats at the concession stand, and we found a couple of seats.
As the movie played my mom and I were caught by the incessant sex scenes.  I think we were both just hoping that each scene would be the last and the movie would progress forward…it never turned out that way.

Once the movie ended my mom and I left the theater and my mom said to me.  I’m sorry, I didn’t know the movie was going to be like that. 

So thank you Oprah for the most awkward, uncomfortable, afternoon spent with my mother when I was a teenager. 
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