The Five Things Zombies Are Missing Part II: The Winners Have Been Chosen

There were some great posts both on the comments section and in some forums about The Five Things Zombie Movies Are Missing. I summarized some of the answers to get it down to the bare bones. Here are the top five winners from the contest:

I had a theory when I made my last post that those who did the best on the contest would probably have interesting and creative blogs… and I was right! I encourage everyone to check out the winner’s blogs.

And now for a new announcement!

I had a lot of fun coming up with the top five zombie post and also with reading the comments and forum posts from the contest. In fact this was so much fun I think this game will be a weekly feature on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The game is being called 5 to 5. I will give a top five list on a different theme each Tuesday and then you readers will give your top five. The point is to be as creative, funny, unique, interesting, and quirky as possible while still staying on topic.

Thursday evening a list of the best five replies will be given along with the author and their respective blogs (so make sure to make your blog link available on either the comments section or your profile). Just to be fair, and keep the winners announcement simple and easy to read, if you write multiple blogs only two maximum blogs per winning entry will be featured.

I view this contest as a great way to get to know those of you who read my blog, and for me to learn about some of your wonderful, creative, and witty blogs as well.

Because I don’t want this to be a big distraction from traditional blog posts the 5 to 5 will be displayed on its own page. I hope that the enthusiasm I experienced with the Zombie theme continues to other themes.
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