Top Five Things Zombie Movies Are Missing

I have seen many zombie films.  They have become more popular in the last few years, but there are some things I think many of these movies lack that I would like to see.  Here are the top five things I think zombie movies are missing:

5. Advanced government warnings ahead of zombie outbreak like this one showcased on Ghost Lounge.

4. People going onto the ocean on boats as a means of escape.  I never understood why people simply stayed on land when they could be floating away from the horror.  If you are out on the ocean I doubt you will encounter many zombies, it is easier to avoid exposure (except when you have to go on land to get additional supplies), and as far as I have seen and heard zombies don’t swim.

3. Fungus as a cause of zombie epidemic.  One of the reasons Steven King is so successful in his horror movies and books is that he takes something that seems mundane and realistic and makes it a source of terror.  Fungus really makes zombies, just not with humans… yet.

2. Kick-ass old people.  Sure they may be slower than the young, but some of the elderly are quite feisty and many know how to shoot a gun.  Think a cross between Betty White and Rambo.

1. Zombie hamsters.  Some films in the past have had zombie birds and dogs, but what about other household pets?  Can’t you see how horrifying it would be for this adorable little lady to join the ranks of the walking dead?  

If you have any other suggestions leave a comment.  The funniest five ideas will be showcased and credited in a later blogpost.
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