Quirky...Not Crazy (At Least Not Yet!)

I have certain “quirks.”  These habits are often considered weird or strange, but here is why I partake.
·         Singing at the top of my lungs in the car (by myself).  Yes, I am that person you chuckle at because they are singing along to some song on the radio (and probably dancing as well).  You wonder if that person realizes that other people can see them and that they look like a goofball.  Yes, I know you can see me, and I don’t care.  I am having fun!  I turn up the music loudly to cover up my own voice (because it is that bad) and bop my head as I sing along to “Bohemian Rhapsody” or Cee Lo Green’s megahit “F**k You” (uncensored).  I even sing along to a little AFI or perhaps some Rush.  It doesn’t really matter what the song or band is, or really if I know the actual words…there will be a performance in my car every time I drive.
·         Talking to myself.  I often hear people ask “Were you talking to me?”  The answer is no.  I am talking to myself because it helps me think about things.  It is a perfectly normal habit and is a sign of my vast intelligence (I am using hyperbole here…I’m not really that big of an egomaniac).  So if I’m alone and babbling take it as a sign that I am in deep thought and continue on your way. 
·         Counting on my fingers.  I realize as a person nearly finished with a Mathematics degree that counting on my fingers may seem a bit, oh I don’t know,  pre-school, but my fingers are my math security blanket.  If I decided not to use them anymore I don’t think I would have any problems (such as when I am in front of a professor who may judge me), but why stop doing something that doesn’t hurt you and helps you stay relaxed? 
·         I make up songs about my cats and sing them to them. For example:
(This song, which is my favorite, is to the tune of “Jitterbug” by Wham)
Ja ja ja Joy Joy
ja ja ja Joy Joy

You like to pounce on your crinkle ball.
And love the carpet with the side of your face.
You always meow meow at the birdies.
And make my day when I pet your belly.

(This song is not completed because usually by this time the cat walks away in protest… It is odd that she is so judgmental because cats can’t carry a tune either.)

I would have to encourage you to indulge in these oft mocked behaviors…you may just laugh a little or perhaps dare to smile.

Seriously do it now!  Or not, you really don’t have to.

Another announcement!

Some of you so kindly have asked me to be your Facebook friends.  I appreciate the gesture, but alas I try to keep my personal Facebook page full of people I know in real-life.  So as a way to keep in touch with my new friends on the World Wide Web I have added a facebook page for Just Another Thought Online.  Feel free to like my page to keep in touch with me on Facebook.
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