A Little About Me

So I realized that I haven't written much about who I am...here goes nothing:

  •    Yes, I did follow myself. I think of it as throwing the first five bucks into the virtual guitar case. 
  •    The picture of the zebra was not taken in Africa...but I did take the photo.
  •    I gave up cable two months ago and watch TV exclusively over the internet now. 
  •    I am writing this blog post rather than studying for my java final tomorrow because I strongly dislike java programming.  No offense programmers it's just not my thing. 
  •    I am classified as a nerd.  I am one of those people who is earning a double major (one of which is math) and actually contemplates multiple post-graduate degrees.  
  •    I love parenthesis and ellipses....I will excessively overuse both of these.
  •    My favorite shape is a dot.  It is the only circle/shape I can draw without looking like a four year old drew it.
  •    My favorite number is 14, but I will often say e just to be pretentious and extra nerdy.
  •    I have taken way too many photos of my cats....it's an addiction and I need help. 
  •    It is inevitable that you will see some photos of my cats. 

  •    I like to imagine that Albert Einstein is my uncle.  He seems like the cool uncle that will blow stuff up in his backyard to explain something to you. Plus he was super photogenic and his hair is awesome!  
  •    I find spitting to be the most disgusting thing a person can do in my presence and may uncontrollably gag if exposed to someone spitting in front of me. 
  •    NOTHING is more luxurious than fuzzy socks!
  •    I am obsessed with learning about quantum physics even though I got a D in basic physics...probably won't understand much about it but will read about it anyway.
  •    I am bad at foreign language.  
1.     True story:  I was asked to stop speaking German in Germany. Mein Deutsch ist sehr slecht. 
2.     I have also taken the same German 202 class three times to get the required C or above despite having took German from 7 through 12th grade....I believe the B- was a pity grade to get me out of the class. 
3.     What is more ironic is my mother is a certified German teacher who is fluent in German and has lived in Germany; apparently I did not inherit her talent for languages.
  •    I have picked up a rattlesnake (with a snake stick). And no, I am not a redneck; I did it for my job.
  •    I think squash tastes as unappealing as it sounds. 
  •    Don't get me started on zucchini. 
  •    Beer, wine, and Coca Cola are the nectar of the gods. 

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