Meditating on Meditation

I’ve been thinking about taking up meditating.  I have enough nuisances in my life that a little quiet time might be welcome.  I also like the scientific evidence so far which shows that meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

I have so many things that get in the way.  I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace.  No, I don’t have kids. It’s not that I don’t like miniature humans; it’s just that I haven’t gotten around to creating one yet.   I keep getting interrupted by my cats.  The very same creatures that choose to ignore my presence on a regular basis also can’t live without me for the whole five minutes it takes for me to complete my business.   Even sleeping is an ordeal with Emma constantly battling for my pillows.  The cats are clearly the owners and I'm the indentured servant. 

I figure that spending an extra 5-10 minutes in my car when I get home meditating couldn’t hurt. No interruptions (I can turn my phone off) and my car is fairly comfy. It sure is better than using that power of positive thinking type garbage like in The Secret.  You want to know the real secret about The Secret… if you bought it, you’ve been ripped off.   I still ponder if Oprah was getting a cut in The Secret profits, but then again she is very new agey. 

I’ll give it a couple weeks and if I don’t feel relaxed then I’ll give up.  There are other ways of blowing off steam.  I could just write more posts.

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