Earlier this week I was listening to the podcast of Wiretap entitled, "Klosterman's Questions."
If you haven't heard of the Klosterman Test you should check out the short quiz on OKCupid.  Basically this guy named Chuck Klosterman came up with a 23 question test to determine whether or not you are worthy of being his friend.

Now you might say, "I don't know this Chuck Klosterman character and I refuse to take some egotistical jerk's quiz to see if I am worthy to be his friend."  I thought very much the same thing, but his quiz is actually quite entertaining.  Now I am not too satisfied with the answers available on OKCupid, so I thought I would answer one of the twenty- three questions the way I would want to.  

This is question 14: 

For reasons that cannot be explained, cats can suddenly read at a twelfth-grade level. They can't talk and they can't write, but they can read silently and understand the text. Many cats love this new skill, because they now have something to do all day while they lay around the house; however, a few cats become depressed, because reading forces them to realize the limitations of their existence (not to mention the utter frustration of being unable to express themselves).
This being the case, do you think the average cat would enjoy Garfield, or would cats find this cartoon to be an insulting caricature?

Garfield to cats would be what Dilbert is to office workers.   With the exception of loving lasagna Garfield seems to capture the angst many cats have from dealing with their dopey owners.  I don't know why cats would necessarily read Garfield because my cats would probably enjoy shredding the newspaper more than reading it, especially when there are far more interesting reads than the comics.   I think cats would be more interested in reading about the outside world, especially since many cats are limited to indoor living. 

I encourage you to give your opinion on cats possibly being offended by Garfield, or any of the other Klosterman questions.   Just to let you know I am only 52% compatible with Klosterman according to OKCupid. 

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