The Most Expensive Tomatoes Ever

I had a month or two of delusional thinking.  That is, I thought I could grow a tomato plant and reap the harvest of tasty, juicy, tomatoes.  I bought the potting soil, the planter, the Miracle Grow© tomato food, a watering can, and of course, the tomato plant.  

For two months Tim watered and cared for the plant which I continuously forgot existed.  I was excited to see the plant flower and tomatoes starting to grow. 

Since I am a novice gardener I forgot that you have to plant gardens really early in Arizona because for some reasons tomatoes don’t grow well in 100°+ temperatures.   Last week the plant died.  And I only got two tomatoes.  The most expensive, not even close to ripe, tomatoes I have ever had.  Hopefully they will ripen off the vine and taste somewhat delicious.   Each tomato costs approximately $10.00.  Given that tomatoes at the local grocery store are currently going for about $0.77 a pound, my tomatoes seem to be a little steep in price.

Note to self…buy tomatoes at the grocery store; don’t even try to grow them on your own.
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