Great Truths I Learned from Indiana Jones

I spent way too much time as a kid pretending and wanting to be Indiana Jones.  As I somersaulted around my living room dodging angry natives and giant rolling boulders I learned a few things.  Dah-da-da-dah  dah-da-dah   dah-da-da-dah  dah-da-da-dah-dah-dah (You know the tune!)

1.       “Choose wisely.”…this applies to the Holy Grail and to romantic partners.  Unfortunately Indy wasn’t so great at picking the right lady.
2.       The pen is mightier than the sword…and so is a gun.  While Jones Senior was able to defeat a Nazi attacker with his pen, Indiana knew that when under attack by a master swordsman who clearly had more skills than he did the best strategy is the simplest…shoot him.  In other words don’t mince words.
3.       “X marks the spot.”  Sometimes looking intently for hidden clues can obscure the obvious ones. 
4.       Don’t forget your hat.  You never know when you’ll be in hot sunny weather, or when you need to blend in with the bad guys.  Either way a hat is a necessity.
5.       Roll with the punches; and the giant rolling balls.
6.       “I don’t like snakes!”  Be able to face your fears no matter how much they creep you out.
7.       “Indiana was the dog.”  Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself, even if it means steeling your dog’s name.
8.       “It belongs in a museum!” Know when something is precious and protect it as best you can.
9.       Recognized that versatility is important…a whip can be a rope or a weapon depending on need.
10.   Don’t go on adventures alone.  A good friend will save your hide more than a few times and make the experience more enjoyable. 
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