Black Socks Never Get Dirty

When I went to camp as a kid we would sing songs on the bus to pass the time when going on a trip.  I usually remember this one the most often:

“Black socks they never get dirty the longer you wear them the blacker they get.
Someday I’m going to launder them, but something keeps telling me don’t do it yet, not yet, not yet… “

I think I remember this one the most because I have expanded upon this song to other things in my life. The following is a list of items I own that are black:

Bed sheets
6 shirts
Three pants
Sneakers (you may hear about these in another posting)
Trash can
Lap top
3 purses
One cat
All of my socks
Two belts
And much, much more.

Individually, these items may seem normal, but together this style of mine may come off as a little emo.   Not the case, couldn’t pull it off if I wanted to. 

You see I have an aversion to having things that look dirty.  Black stuff (except in the kitchen and with cars) tends not to look as dirty as lighter colored items.  If I wear a white shirt it is guaranteed to be stained by day’s end.   Even if you stain something that is black, if you wash it the stain is hardly noticeable.   Plus if the black begins to fade it is easy to buy some Rit dye to make it dark again.  Other colors are hard to match and you just don’t end up with the same teal shirt you loved before.
The downside to so many black items in my house is that things can look a little dreary at times.  The solution…many framed photographs on the wall.  I used to have colorful throw pillows, but the cats always find a way to destroy those…throw pillows are the mortal enemy of cats, second only to toilet paper.   I have also attempted to have wooden furniture and a multi-colored rug, but still I look like I live in a depressed Swedish house.

The other downside is that it can be easy to lose the cats because of camouflage effects in the bed.  As you can (or can’t) see here Joy blends easily into her natural environment.  

This leads to accidental sitting on cats, followed by muffled meows and sharp claws in my hind end.  The solution, do a quick hand sweep on the bed for cats before sitting on or flopping into bed.

It could be worse....everything I own could be white and covered in black cat hair. 
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