The Time I Almost Accidentally Killed My Hamster

Before I got my cats I had an adorable hamster named Rocky.  She wasn’t my first hamster, but she was the most peculiar.  You see Rocky was the ultimate escape artist.  I used to think that she was the reincarnation of Houdini.

Rocky loved to climb up the wires of her cage and swing around like a monkey.  In doing this she would bang on the side door of her cage with her bottom two legs.  After a sufficient number of swings the door would bust open and Rocky would be free for her next unauthorized adventure.

I had known that she liked to swing on the cage bars, but I didn’t know it was all a part of a grand escape plan.  The first night that Rocky was successful I was watching TV in my bedroom.  I had no idea that the hamster made a run for it because her cage was kept in the living room and I had not been in there the whole evening.

Then I started to hear some eerie scratching in the walls.  At first I dismissed it as a neighbor making some noise. The scratching continued.  I began to think that the scratching was not coming from the neighbors.  As the noise continued I began to think that maybe there was a rat in the wall.

I began to imagine that not only was there a rat in the wall, but it was huge like a New York City sewer rat with beady red eyes and a thick naked tail.  I began to get nervous and even a little frightened.  I remembered that we had a BB gun and pellets stored away.  I got the BB gun and loaded it with pellets and began to stand guard by the small hole in the wall that I found.   I called Tim and told him that I was going to kill the rat if it came out of the wall.

A few minutes later Tim came home and discovered that Rocky’s cage was open and the hamster was MIA. That is when I finally realized that it was Rocky in the wall! I was ready to kill my sweet little hamster!

We coaxed her out with treats and the cage placed near the hole in the wall.  After hours of sitting on the floor waiting for the hamster she came out and we put her away in her cage.  That wasn’t her only escape but it was the most daring and dangerous.

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